Power and Influence of Mommy Bloggers

While many may dismiss mom blogs as another form of gossip and talking about spit-up, the reality is that mom blogs have a great deal of influence particularly in the consumer market place. A good example of this is the controversial Motrin commercial. On a Friday in November 2008, Motrin launched an online video ad meant to sympathize with moms who carry their babies in packs or slings as opposed to pushing them in a stroller. 

However the video suggested that moms who carry their babies in packs do so to look like an “official mom” and that the pain of carrying a baby in a pack makes moms look “tired and crazy”. Within hours of the video going online, it was one of the most popular topics on Twitter, but not because women felt like Motrin understood their pain, but because they were offended.

At the time Motrin wasn’t completely connected to the blogsphere, so it didn’t respond to the uproar until the following Monday when it removed the video (although you can still watch it on YouTube) and issued an apology. Peter Shankmen, a media and PR guru posted on his blog, “The problem is, Motrin happened to mess up at the expense, and in the face of, one of the most vocal, quickest-to-blog, “strongest-to-band-together-and-form-one-opinion-like-the-Borg” collectives out there – The Mommy-Blogging community.”

Although Peter’s quote makes moms sound a little nutty too, it is true that moms band together. They’ve done it for centuries. Blogging has simply allowed moms to reach each other more easily and wield a greater influence.

mom bloggers

With Power Comes Responsibility

Over the last few years, companies have realized and embraced the power of mothers. Before the Internet, the Motrin incident would have still occurred, just on a smaller scale. One mom would tell another mom about how offended she was by the ad during a play date. Over the course of the week, a small group of moms may have boycotted Motrin, but Motrin wouldn’t have known or felt the effect. Today moms have access not just to their neighbors, but to millions of moms all over the world. Now when a company messes up and one mom complains, it’s online for the world to see and to respond to.

Companies realized they could use this power for good. If mommies could complain and cause a major PR fiasco, what could they do if they liked a product? Companies started sending these mommies everything from diapers to all-expense-paid resort vacations. Moms blogged about these new gifts and as predicted, readers responded. But when it was discovered that these moms had received free items or even compensation for their blog posts, the readers felt betrayed and responded with anger. In effect, readers did to mommy blogs what mommy blogs did to Motrin.

When you embark on a career as a mom blogger, your readers will develop a relationship with you. You must respect that relationship by working to provide the best content and referrals, and be honest about any freebies or monetary reimbursement you receive through reviews or recommendations you make on your blog. Not only is it required by the FTC, but is necessary to maintain the integrity of the relationship with your readers.

About the author: Leslie Truex is the author of The Work-At-Home Success Bible and owner of Mommy Blogging Success, a free resources with tips and advice on turning your rants, raves and reviews into revenue through blogging. Visithttp://www.mommybloggingsuccess.com to learn more.

3 Tricks On Important To produce Photos in mobile phone Android Low-End

All people could be the photographer only by using smartphone. But when talking result photos, of course not only is determined by resolution and technologies that have brought smartphone you, but also by technical take his picture. Below are some tips produce photos with Android low-end without having to be equipped with techniques.

Is Camera51, application that will help you determine the picture taking will able to produce photos that chic. Even though you are using Android low-end, ready to produce photos with Android you!

Use your Camera51 To produce Best Photos

Many indeed applications cameras in Android that will help you produce photos chic. But Camera51 will give you a unique new experiences with features that smarter than other applications camera.

Although present with the file size considered small for an application camera, but Camera51 can help you produce a neat tables. What is offered by Camera51?


Auto Framing

By using Camera51, you will no longer be confused which angle is better to take photos. Because Camera51 will guide you through frame that help is provided. So you just follow direction that is determined by the frame Camera51.

If frame that was arrested by Camera51 has already been pas, you just press the button shutter. Meanwhile, if frame according to Camera51 have not yet been pas, then you must lead you to the camera frame that is served so it looks fit and proper. The result? So You find composition photos that had to make much effort to trim without defining the point taking pictures. Stylish, right?

Auto Selfie

selfie would still be mencet button shutter? Ancient ah. Or should show their fingers in the scene to enable a timer? Ah, still seen as primitive compared features Auto Selfie that was brought by Camera51.

With Auto Selfie for Camera51, you are no longer need to push a button shutter to selfie. Just the movement Android you follow instructions frame. After pas in frame, photos selfie you can automatically will be taken in time of 2 seconds. Surely, it will make it easier for you when photographed together with friends. Because Camera51 will inform composition frame that pas and charmingly when photographed together.

You can Choose

One of the excellence Many Objects that owned Camera51 and is not owned other applications camera is a feature Multiple Object Selection. Which these features make you manually can choose to 3 point object that according to ye interesting. Later on 3 point objects will be used to determine Camera51 frame, the focus and exposure that pas while taking photos.

It was impossible, easy and fun not? Even though you are not reliable photographer who has a hunting technique photography was, but now you can produce photos with composition unique and best thanks to Camera51.

Good luck!

Cara Mematikan iCloud Reminders Pada OS X dan iOS

Apabila Anda mengandalkan aplikasi Reminders pada iPhone Anda, dan ingin menggunakan Reminders yang sama pada iPad atau Macbook Anda, mungkin Anda dapat sinkronisasikan Remiders tersebut menggunkan iCloud ke Macbook Anda.

Namun, jika Anda ingin mematikan aplikasi Reminders tersebut pada iPhone atau Macbook, inilah caranya:
  • Mematikan Reminders pada Mac:
    Buka System Preferences dan pilih iCloud. Setelah muncul beberapa aplikasi, pilih aplikasi Reminders, lalu hapus centang pada kotak untuk Reminders.
iCloud Reminders Pada OS X dan iOS

Pilih aplikasi Reminders, lalu hapus centang pada kotak Reminders

  • Mematikan Reminders pada iPhone:
    Buka Settings, lalu pilih iCloud. 

Pilih iCloud pada menu Settings

  • Kemudian tekan beralih ke off untuk Reminders.

Tekan beralih untuk off Reminders

The Journey of Life Abraham Lincoln

We would like to think all of our presidents of the United States were truly great men and to be sure, just handling the awesome responsibility of the presidency takes a special kind of individual.  One of the unique and great things about the system of government in America is the concept of citizen leadership.  This is the idea of an ordinary citizen rising up and becoming president for a while and then returning to private life.

But of the handful of men who have held that office, a few have stood out for their great achievements and leadership in a time that changed the country for ever.  And one of these truly great presidents was Abraham Lincoln.  Probably more than any other president, Lincoln had to handle an internal civil war that was far more than shouting and name calling.  This was a dispute that could have torn the country in half and starting a rupturing that could have resulted in dozens of small weak independent states instead of the powerful nation we know as America today.

It was Lincoln’s leadership, his commitment to values and his strong moral fiber that made it possible for America to find its way through that war and then to begin the healing process that would eventually lead the nation back to unity once again.  Lincoln’s term of service from 1860 until his death was one of considerable challenge.  If he only had the problem of dealing with the attempt by the south to succeed from the union and his ability to keep those states as part of the American national territory, he would be lauded as a great American indeed.

One of the little known leadership styles that Lincoln used to his advantage in the organization of his presidency was his appointment of talented national figures from opposing political parties to be part of his cabinet.  Lincoln felt that he needed to have close advisors from the opposing viewpoint to keep from having his presidency become insulated from the American people and one sided.  By gathering members of the “loyal opposition” into his trusted inner circle, Lincoln was always aware of both sides of every issue which made him a stronger leader.

But that is not even his greatest accomplishment or the one that we remember him for the most.  His bold and unchanging opposition to slavery is without any doubt his greatest contribution to the history of America and indeed to world history as well.  When he was willing to put everything on the line to stop this barbaric social sin, Lincoln made a stand, against the popular opinion of the time in many cases that he would be the figure to bring slavery to an end.

Abraham Lincoln

It was not a stand that came without cost.  The civil war was one of the bloodiest and costliest in the nation’s history if for no other reason than all casualties; on both sides were casualties of America.  It would take many decades for the ravages of that horrible war to be repaired.  The schism between north and south continued for decades and is still a part of our national personality in this country.

But the end result was what Lincoln wanted to be his legacy.  By issuing the Emancipation Proclamation to make the end of slavery permanent, Lincoln followed that up with the passing of the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments which made permanent the freedoms that were hard fought and won in the Civil War.  

The freedom that was won for so many black Americans in that war permanently enshrined the memory of Abraham Lincoln as one of our greatest presidents in the hearts and minds of all Americans.  Small wonder the monument honoring him on Washington’s national mall is one of the most revered spots in the nation and one that thousands flock to each year to give respect for this great president that made liberty and freedom a reality for all Americans, not just a few.  And his face on Mount Rushmore is well deserved so the very mountain itself shouts out, this is one of the greatest leaders in the history of this great country.

Hisense PureShot +, Combining Excellence and Network Camera

Hear the name Hisense actually are familiar in the gadget industry. Manufacturers producing mobile Andromax Smart Telecom is actually already in the phone for a long time, and more people know the name Andromax instead of Hisense.

But this year, Hisense's newest smartphone comes with two at the same time, the public was introduced to Indonesia, namely PureShot and PureShot Plus. Mobile phones with cameras and excellence of this 4 g network, ready to fight with the other vendors in the market of Indonesia.

Curious what the actual advantages of mobile phones in China that hosts around this fairly expensive, roughly Rp3,1 million and reportedly reportedly has qualified technology and specifications.

In cooperation with the operator Smart Telecom, making this phone excels in terms of networks, which combines CDMA, 3 g and 4 g. Hisense PureShot Plus 5.5 inch screen that has this feels comfortable when it is gripped to the hands of Asia, particularly Indonesia. Especially when the photograph, play games or surf the social media.

Plus more, the screen is owned by IPS panel technology adopted Hisense and Gorilla Glass 3, with landscape screen 720 p HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels) with the density of the pixels-267 ppi. Concept of dual simcard, this smartphone is capable of operating the CDMA and GSM SIM cards, at a frequency of 2100 MHz for CDMA EVDO 3 g, 800 Mhz, and 2 g GSM 900/1800 Mhz, CDMA 1x800 MHz.

As for 4 g LTE-based data service, the phone supports 4 g LTE category 4, which can access the internet with speed downloading up to 150 Mpbs and 50 Mbps for uploads.

The phone is on the path to 4 g also promises fast internet because it uses the technology of Frequency Division Duplexing (FDD) and Time Division Duplexing (TDD) on the 4 g LTE network.

For the FDD, he supported the FDD B2 (1900 MHz), B3 (1800 MHz), B5 (850 MHz), B8 (900 MHz), B26 (extd 850 MHz).

hisense pureshot


Talk design, arguably phone Hisense is interesting to talk about. Gorgeous, classy, comfortable and elegant when gripped and has characteristic, though a bit on the bottom of the plagiarizing of the iPhone.

In detail, PureShot plus has sides curved corner 2.5 D glass screen, so the impression of premiumnya feels thick. The look of the front and back of the body clear like glass so elegant on the side can also be used to display Windows. Slim and flat mobile phone this tasty gripped, with landscape screen 5.5 inch. Cell phone embedded on the right three buttons on/off, and volume.

While at the top of the display embedded earpice and a 5 MP camera with LED flash on the right as well as the sensor. In the back of the body, in the upper left corner of the embedded camera 13 MP and dual LED flash. Two of his loudspeaker grill is in the lower section of the body, in its slip into port microUSB.

Top left side of the body part there is the audio port 3.5 mm. Viewpoint of the smartphone is also quite wide, so that it can enjoy a spectacle on the screen without complication. Screen display of his bandaged with Corning Gorilla Glass, which hold scratches when smartphone is kept in the pocket or in the handbag.


Mobile phones carrying the Android Lollipops 5.1, using Octa-Core processor 64-bit, Qualcomm Snapdragon 415 with 1.4 GHz clockspeed mainstay Pureshot plus. He paired with Adeno-405 and GPU RAM 2 GB. So when running games that simply do not experience heavy lag. Hisense Pureshot was recorded as the first smartphone brings the Snapdragon 415.

Snapdragon processor category entry 415 medium, however he was able to support the performance of your smartphone with powerful tool. This convenient cell phone used to play games or run a lot of weight at once simultaneously.

When used to play games or a somewhat longer multitasking, this phone feels hot, but not to excess. Rocketing shots made relatively good and rarely lag. This mobile phone fairly efficient batteries, with a capacity of 2500 mAh. Although using 4 g network do not have to worry about having to constantly refill. The ability of the battery the battery equivalent of Hisense, once enough contents for continuous use in a day.

To run the game are large, these phones rely on 2 GB RAM combined Octa-Core processor 1.36 GHz, 64 Bit-Tech. This phone is reinforced with internal storage spaceis large enough (internal memory) 16 GB, which can be supplemented with MicroSD.

To determine the performance of the brain performance of this phone, People try to test using Antutu application. As a result, benchmark scores obtained Hisense PureShot Plus scored 33897, capable of winning from Xiami Remi and Redmi Note 2.


Talk to the camera, this being one of the advantages that can be found on this phone. Both front and rear that carries a 13 MP rear camera and front 5 MP, will be seen this camera is able to capture more light and picture detail motion of the object. In fact, when taking photos selfie, it would seem clear, though taken at night.

Another thing that could be considered before buying Hisense PureShot + for $ 3.1 million of this is in fairly good sound issued. That's because the phone is equipped Silicon Dual Microphone technology, as a silencer noise when receiving phone calls.

Google Launches Social Applications

Not to be outdone by his rival Microsoft, Google officially launched the applicationwho's Down the latest in Android and iOS platforms.

Reported by Neowin, Saturday (31/10/2015), the multinational Corporation released the preview of this application in order to help users to make plans with friends.

This application allows the user to make the conversation group, then make plans to meet up or hang out off the water or ground coffee.

Google Launches Social Applications

At the opening of the application, users will be welcomed Toggle (switch), the next step the user can continue to see their friends plan a "Down" and start chatting with them from within the application itself.

This application can be downloaded from the iTunes Store or Google Play Store.Certainly requires sign up (register), after that the user can invite their friends to usethe application.

As is known, Microsoft has developed an experimental application which laterreleased an application last July called Tossup.

Tossup who is a social application vote which is part of Microsoft's project Garage.The focus of this application is to simplify event planning that helps you to managedConfluence, especially involving many people.

Toshiba Satellite Pro L5550 Theatre, an Android-powered Television 4.4 KitKat

Television is no longer just a device to catch the wave of TV station so that they canenjoy the tv footage. More intelligent television is now more and more outstanding in the market.

The presence of this smart television enables you to enjoy the content outside of theimpressions from the TV station, thanks to a supply network connectivity to the Internet. Not only that, now the television comes with the operating system as a communication device, so it can be used to enjoy more than watching televisioncontent only.

Similarly, smart hosts this Toshiba TV. Titled Pro berbentang L5550, TV Theatre screen50 inches of it comes with a stylish, sleek design with slim bezel and mountingreceptacle made of metal with a silver color.

Toshiba Satellite Pro L5550 Theatre

Users can also find a series of ports like television at large on the back. All port, alsothe USB slot, located on the right side of the back of the television. The presence ofthe USB port also makes it easier when you want to enjoy multimedia content on a storage device, such as a USB or external Hard Disk.

Equipped with the Android operating system 4.4 KitKat as Smartphones or tablets, it can be used to enjoy YouTube video content without annoying lag disorders. As wellas gaming. The availability of Game Pad with USB connectivity increasingly add to thepleasure of enjoying the games on television.

Armed with the Android operating system, meaning you can download Androidgaming applications like on a mobile phone. Provision storage memory 8 GB on this television lets you save game application. Asphalt game we are trying to play is alsogoing well, with graphic display and a color that did not disappoint.